Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Robyn & Michael's Wedding Day

I was so honored to shoot this wedding! Robyn & Michael have known each other since they were kids. They even went to prom together! Michael, ("Baker" is what everyone calls him) is in the Army and Robyn has been busy getting ready to move to North Carolina where he is stationed. The morning of their wedding we set up a "First Look" session so that they could see each other before the ceremony. Baker was so excited to see his bride that he completely forgot I was there taking photos!! Good thing he didn't do anything he would regret seeing in their wedding pictures ; )

The wedding day was perfect! We had gorgeous weather, plenty of time for photos (a photographer's dream), and an awesome venue, Blackfox Farms The ceremony and reception were held in the huge red barn at Blackfox. The interior was lit by chandeliers and trees wrapped in string lights. It was just beautiful! The best part of the day was just seeing how much Robyn & Baker love each other and how important their family and friends are to them. I wish you two a happy and blessed marriage. Congratulations Robyn & Baker!


Cara said...

Oh I am SO glad you have these up for us to enjoy since we couldn't be there. What a JOY! The venue is stunning as are Baker and Robyn. It was great to get a feel for the day. Plus the photography is sharp and crisp. I love it all. Outstanding work Sara :)

Lore said...

SO glad these are here! love being able to see these pics of our happy Baker man and his lovely girl.

(You're so talented =))